How do you solve a problem like this: ½(g+6)=-2g?


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You try to get all the numbers on one side of equal sign, and letters on other side. First you must multiple the part in brackets { 1/2(g+6) is equal to 1/2g +1/2(6) which equals 1/2(g)+3 ...

now subtract 3 from each side of the equal sign 1/2g+3-3=-2g-3  then add 2g to each side of the equal sign 1/2g +2g = -3

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Its been a long time since I did these the right way. The correct way may be to get unknown (g) on left and answer on right so Get rid of 1/2 by multiply by 2 (g+6=-4g) then add 4g to both sides 4g + g +6=4g-4g 4g+g+6=0 5g+6=0 subtract 6 from both sides 5g=-6 and divide both sides by 5 and you get g=-6/5
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second last line ran together
4g+g+6=4g-4g. then 4g+g+6=0 then 5g+6=0 then subtract
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-6/5 is right

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