Hi! I plan to write a story, i have all the information i need to start it, but i can't bring myself to write. Any tips that will make me write?


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There is a published writer here who is a regular and smart contributor. Let's hope he reads your question.

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I think when it's the right time for you to do it ... You will.  You can't really expect others to be your catalyst if you want the thoughts to be free flowing and creative.

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Well, unlike Megan, music really distracts me and I better close in the silent room and stay with my thoughts and idea. Good if you do some research on the topic, check what is worth mentioning and what you should avoid.  Also in case you find your task impossible to complete, do not be hesitant about turning to some online writing sources like

"Marvelous Essay". I use it quite often because their prices are not that high.

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Tom Jackson answered

I am ADHD. And procrastination is something that attention deficit people like myself do to provide us with that mental stimulation that working "under the gun" gives us.

What works for me is to have a reasonable goal (like starting to actual write your story) and the decide to spend 15 minutes (your choice of duration, but not too long as a plan, but you may get into it and work much longer) doing nothing but that during that time.

(And the book Driven to Distraction. Written by two psychiatrists who as I recall,have ADD is a good read if you have any interest in the subject.)

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Get your self a recording device.

Something simple like your phone will do.

Sit in a quiet room where you wont be disturbed.

Start to form it in your mind just like seeing a movie.

Speak what you are expereanceing and after a short while,

you'll find it just takes off on its own.

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