Record Your Non-academic Interests, Hobbies And Activities Stating The Period And Place (whether At High School, University Or Elsewhere) And Which Are Current. Please State Any Positions Of Responsibility Held?


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You may not think that this particular section of a resume is as important as your other information; however this could clinch you an interview if you do it correctly. So many people approach this section far too casually but there are ways you can make yourself stand out.

Be Relevant To The Job
  • One of the most vital questions you need to ask yourself when filling out this section is 'is this activity relevant to the position I'm applying for?' All the activities and interests you list must relate to the responsibilities you will have to uphold in the job. You should state the activity and then explain what skills you use to succeed in it. Never list personal interests that are completely irrelevant because the employer may disregard your resume altogether.
Show You Can Participate
  • If you have experience being part of any student clubs or have participated in any organizations relating to your community, even if you have done any charitable volunteering, you should mention it in this section. Stating that you have been part of a group shows that you are ready to get involved and be proactive. In addition, volunteering shows your compassionate nature.
Additional Experience
  • Having work experience from abroad will help boost your resume because it shows that you can interact in other cultures. Also, state if you have any language skills that you picked up from these places. Moreover, if you have any artistic talents then consider putting them down in this section because employers may be impressed with your individual flair.
Keep It Short And Sweet
  • There is nothing worse than reading a page full of interests and activities so keep it minimal and try not to explain each interest in too much detail.

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