One Side Of An Equilateral Triangle Is 17. If The Height Is 14.5, Which Of The Following Represents The Perimeter?


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If you copied this problem out of a book, I recommend you get a new book. If the length of the side of an equilateral triangle is 17, the height is not 14.5. It is (sqrt(3)/2) * (length of side), or about .8660254 times 17, or about 14.722.

I suppose you could argue that this is also a question involving logic: If the premise is false, any conclusion can be drawn. The height of the given triangle is not 14.5, so any of the answers is right.
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Perimeter of a triangle is equal to some of three sides of triangle. In the case of equilateral triangle it will be 17 multiplied by 3. Therefore, perimeter will be equal to 51.

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