How Do You Do Equations?


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You do equation my knowing how to add  multiply and subtract
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First of all, learn your math facts: Addition and subtraction, multiplication and division. You should not have to rely on a calculator. Understand what the distributive, associative, and commutative laws are, and how to use them to work out arithmetic problems.
Second of all, get comfortable working with minus signs and negative numbers: Adding and subtracting them, multiplying and dividing them.
Third, get comfortable with place value, decimal points, and what you have to multiply or divide by to move decimal points around.

Here are some suggestions for working with integers in algebra.

Here are some suggestions for solving equations.

If you have done the above things, and you pay attention and ask questions, you will do well. Sometimes other students will harass someone who wants to learn. If you want to learn, don't let that bother you. Ask the questions you need to ask to get the understanding you want to have. If your teacher can't help, find a student who will (or ask here). There is always someone available to teach someone who wants to learn. (It's a cosmic law!)

When using BlurtIt for homework help, you will get the best response if you have a specific problem and you explain exactly what you need. If you want to confirm your own solution, that is one thing; if you want to see how the answer is arrived at, that is something else, and you need to ask for that. If a specific method of solution is required, you need to say what it is. None of us is interested in solving your whole list of homework problems for you, just so you can copy the answers without thinking about them.

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