How To Relate Fractions, Decimals, And Percents?


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The unit "1" into the average number of copies, that such number of one or
several call points. That this number is called a decimal fraction units by the
integer part, fractional part and decimal form. When the measured object is not
often get an integer number, the ancients invented the decimal is the decimal
fraction decimal integer to add a special expression. Denominator is 10,100,1000
... ... Decimal fraction can be expressed. All scores can be expressed as a
decimal, decimal, in addition to unlimited non-recurring decimal can be
expressed as a fraction outside. Irrational number is infinite is not a
recurring decimal. Percentage is a number that is a percentage of another number
the number, also known as percentage or percentage. Percentage points is usually
not written in the form of the use of symbols "%" (called the percent sign) to
represent. Percentage in the industrial and agricultural production, science and
technology, a variety of experiments has a very wide range of applications,
especially during the survey, analysis and comparison, the percentage is usually

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