How do i graph the equation 7x-4y-28=0?


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You graph it the way you graph any equation. You find some values of (x, y) that satisfy the equation, plot them, and draw an appropriate curve (line) through them.

I find it convenient to put these equations into intercept form. You do that by dividing by the constant (after putting the equation in standard form). Then, you express the x and y coefficients as denominators.
  7x - 4y = 28    (your equation in standard form)
  7x/28 - 4y/28 = 1    (divide by the constant 28)
  x/4 + y/-7 = 1    (now, we have it in intercept form)
This tells us that two points are
  (4, 0) and (0, -7)
We can plot these, draw the line, and we have our graph.

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